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The Conn’s Difference – Our Tasty Potato Chips are great!

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Ohio Potato Chips - Delicious Potato ChipsExperience perfection in every bag of Conn’s Potato Chips. With more than 70 years of potato chip making, our practice of choosing only premium potatoes from the best farms, and using only the best frying oils has earned Conn’s the reputation of knowing how to make exceptional potato chips. Our quick but simple process allows us to capture that fr esh and delicious taste in every bite. Potatoes are washed, cleaned, sliced, fired, salted, and sealed tight in Conn’s famous checkered bags in less than ten minutes. Conn’s Potato Chips are guaranteed to arrive at your store at their peak Freshness.

All of our potato chips and snack foods are hand-delivered to your local store by our friendly, dependable route drivers. When it comes to choosing delicious potato chips and snack foods, you can have complete confidence in Conn’s commitment to deliver a product that is high-quality, great-tasting, and consistent in appearance. It is the Conn’s difference!Ohio Potato Chips

Here is a review we found on the internet on our potato chips:

Conns Chips Can’t Be Compared to Any Other Potato Chip, But We’ll Try Anyway!  I have consulted friends who have moved away from the area about Conn’s chips. It is official everyone loves Conn’s. Joe Sherman told me ” I miss Salt and Vinegar Conn’s , they could bring a tear to your eye!” When I lived in Florida I begged my sister to mail me a few bags of Conn’s. They are produced in Lancaster, Columbus and Zanesville Ohio. They are a wonderful value and a good quality product. There really is nothing like them in the world.

Central Ohio Loves Conn’s