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A box with Three Party Size  bags of our famous potato chips. Choose your favorite flavors! 


These Potato Chip flavors are available:

  • 13 oz Regular Potato Chips - Our Plain Potato Chips keep customers coming back to the great flavor of Conn's Chips.
  • 13 oz Wavy Potato Chips - Conn's original wavy chips are also great for dipping, offer a great flavor that you will love.
  • 13 oz  BBQ Potato Chips - Our BBQ Chips are always a favorite for gatherings, they taste great!
  • 13 oz  Green Onion Chips - Our Green Onion Chips are also a traditional favorite that people just love.
  • 13 oz Salt and Vinegar Chips - Our Salt and Vinegar Chips provide that unique flavor you will not find in any other chips.
  • 13 oz Sweet Mesquite Potato Chips - A fan favorite for sure, these chips provide a different kind of BBQ flavor.


Put together, your box will include your favorite chips or order a couple of boxes and try them all! Our Wavy Chips are great for dipping, these are a favorite of all of our customers for their great taste. Conn's Potato Chips have been a favorite for customers in central Ohio for years, today we have a tremendous following with customers all over the United States, Have you tried the great taste of Conn's, order some today.

(3) Party Size (13 oz.) Bag Box

  • A box with three large bags of our famous potato chips. Choose your favorite flavors! 

  • We no longer ship to California.

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