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Established in 1935, our family-owned business has satisfied millions of American snackers with our premium potato chips and delectable snack foods. In that year, Mrs. Ida Conn, perfected the potato chip. Mrs. Conn carefully selected the best potatoes, pure vegetable shortening and salt, and created potato chips that have set the standard for good tasting chips for more than 70 years. This enterprising businesswoman proudly delivered her popular Conn’s Potato Chips to her customers in a market basket.

Today, we recognize more clearly than ever our continued success must be built upon giving that personal touch as our company founder did. Conn’s proudly delivers delicious potato chips fresh from our kitchens to a store shelf near you. Conn’s Potato Chips continues to set the standard for freshness, as well as taste and texture, from Central and Southeastern Ohio to West Virginia. “Striving to make the finest quality product,” the company concentrates on its four business areas:

  • Sales of potato chips and other snack foods to major food store chains and convenience stores
  • Contract manufacturing
  • Private label branding
  • The Conn’s Potato Chip line

Current owners, Montie Hunter and Tom George, Sr., know their company is poised for tremendous growth in the 21st century and beyond. When Conn’s outgrew two smaller facilities in Zanesville and Lancaster, Ohio respectively, the owners invested in the future of Conn’s with the construction of a new 100,000 square foot facility and new state of the art equipment on Richards Road in Zanesville, Ohio. At their modern facility, Conn’s still prepares it products with the same care and quality ingredients that have made their potato chips a favorite for generations. Conn’s looks forward to meeting the needs of its customers well into the next generation.

  • We no longer ship to California

Conn’s Gains National Exposure with Scene in 1980 Oscar Winning Movie.

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